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How the Online courses are designed?

Our online courses are designed with the help real MNC's and companies with the goal of training what companies expect from their future employees. Partner companies have special privileges to hire our trainees and help us keep the course work more suitable to what they look for in their employees.

Who are the teachers?

Our Online education instructors are real life working professionals with more than 5 years. They teach the online courses to help engineers become more competent and give something back to the society. "Money is not the motivation of our instructors" unlike all the teachers you would have seen all your lives.

Online courses Teaching methodology

Our Online education teaching method is based on decades of research to impart on best online training in dozens of top U.S universities.

It consists of tutorials, reading materials, webinars, assignments, test after every module, group discussions, networking with the classmates. Teachers will be available 11 hours day to answer your questions

Who are our Online Education students?

65% of our students are working professionals with 2 to 20 years experience, 20% are current graduates, 10 % are freshers looking for job.

Online Education Placement Process

On an average, each student will get 4 interview calls from real hiring companies, once they finish the online courses successfully. We share the student's history with the hiring companies. Companies get to see all the assignments and test results; it makes the job easier for the companies to select the best students.

who can take this online courses?

Online Course is open to working professionals, recent graduates & students. Only requirement is that students should have a strong desire to learn and willing to work real hard and do all assignments.

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